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Coffee mill

CREATIVE DIRECTION, LOGO, BRAND GUIDELINES, PACKAGING, Paper & plastic cups, Signage, Menuboard, Uniforms, Merchandise products, Wayfinding

Coffee Mill is a trendy cafe in Mykonos, the cosmopolitan island of the Aegean Sea.
The white washed windmills at the top of the hill have become the trademark of the island, recognized all over the world.


Food Services



Despina Aeraki (Creative director, Designer)

Constantinos Haritos (Designer)

Evi Simeonidou (Copywriter)

Elias Prapas (3D artist)

Euagelia Mpoumpouli (Apron designer)

Dimitris Economopoulos (Jewellery designer)


We also designed the packaging for coffee beans/blends in bulk and in espresso capsules where we used the coffee mill pattern.


Having in mind that Mykonos is a cosmopolitan island with visitors from all over the world, we designed the menu board as a departure/arrival airport board.

uniforms & jewelry
The visually engaging identity of the windmill has been also applied to uniforms, wall deco and merchandise jewelry (rings and pins), building up a stronger brand image.

As Coffee Mill is under a common roof with two other brands, we also designed a wayfinding signage in the interior and the exterior of the building, helping customers and visitors find their way (entrance, coffee shop hall, wc, exit) easily and conveniently.