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Green 2 Sustain


Green 2 Sustain is a Greek company in the field of environmental services, emphasizing on sustainability and development.

The basic concept that characterizes the company is harmony, as Green 2 Sustain manages to balance all the main fields –environment, economy, sustainability and society– in order to provide the best available services and products to its collaborators and customers.




Despina Aeraki (creative director/ designer)

Danae Stamataki (front-end developer)

Giorgos Kostas (back-end developer)


Harmony, nature and scientific research were the key elements that inspired us to create the logo design. On the one hand, the linear leaf of a tree, as the ultimate symbol of nature. On the other hand, the pencil as a symbol of creation, evolution and scientific research. And on top of them, the linear pinpoint that indicates location and status, placing the company on the world map of the sustainability sector. By adopting the green color, the brand also identifies itself with the natural element and the environment.

The Green 2 Sustain logo covers the core values and the philosophy of the company. Regarding the brand name, the use of the numerical “2” instead of the word “to” (“with purpose”), implies the joint effort and cooperation between the company and its customers.

corporate identity

For the design of the monochromatic corporate identity we played with the green-lime color of the company.

Apart from the letterhead and the business cards, we also designed custom made folders in two sizes, as well as A4 millimeter papers with a ruler at the end of each page. So, while the company members could keep notes on the millimeter papers, they could also count the natural elements found in the field, such as a stone or a plant. A real working tool in action!


The site is fully custom made, designed in 2 languages (Greek and English). On the homepage, the user can check out the company’s projects by clicking on the interactive map. On the portfolio page, different filters help the user to read more about specific projects, based on each field (Design & Permit, Ecology, Policy, R&D).

Finally, the brand guidelines, based on key colors and typography were used throughout the site.