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A playful, interactive and informative wedding invitation for Lambros & Eva.




DESPINA AERAKI (creative direction/ designer)


We designed and created an “interactive game” that started from the moment the guests received the invitation and ended at the wedding reception.

The concept was simple and fun: each guest had to disassemble the invitation, in order to discover all the necessary information about the wedding. The invitation consisted of different pieces in multiple papers, colors and sizes.

The theme of the invitation was “the evil eye”. The evil eye is a traditional Greek amulet, so, in reality it’s not evil at all. Actually it’s a little gentle eye or as we say in Greek, mataki, that prevents bad luck. And that’s why we created an imbalanced polygonal odd eye.

The wedding took place on the Greek island of Spetses, so we used colorful papers in the shades of the sand and the sea. The invitation was placed in a sleeve of rice paper, in order to be seen easily.

The typography used was all in capital letters and when we wanted to give emphasis on a word we used a serif font, while the rest of the text was written in sans serif font.

Finally, each envelope contained a totally blank postcard which the guests would use on both sides in order to write their wishes or draw something as a special dedication to the newlywed couple.