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CREATIVE DIRECTION, NAMING, LOGO, BRAND GUIDELINES, PACKAGING, PHOTOGRAPHY, Paper & plastic cups, Uniforms, Signage, Pins, Stickers, Banners

Mooven is a Baguette Café next to a metro station. It is the place where you can sip your coffee or grab your baguette quick and easy on the go. “En mouvement”, as the French would say. And that “on the move” feeling moved us for the creation of the brand name.


Food services


Despina Aeraki (Creative director, designer)

Evi Simeonidou (Naming, copywriter)

Mary Key (Illustrator)

Euagelia Mpoumpouli (Apron designer)

Georgios Makkas (Photographer)

Nasos Ampazis (Studio Photographer)


The logo is modern, simple, easily recognizable and symmetrical. Its design is based on typography. The letters used are lowercase and curved, reminding the curvy subway tunnels, especially in the case of “m” & “n”.

The inspiration for the design of the logo came by observing a cup of coffee from above next to a baguette, both of which were shaping two different and abstract “os”. The second “o” with its specific shape gives a sense of movement, as being in a hurry to catch the train! The color palette is based on brown (reminding coffee) and beige (reminding the baguettes).

visual language

For the branding on the packaging we played with the concept of doodle art, like someone was drawing over the logo with a pen while waiting for the train. We used many colors and different short phrases with catchy messages in order to be fun, modern, playful, youthful and fresh!

The colorful messages on the packages are a simple and beautiful way for our customers to interact with the brand and with each other. For us, visual language speaks louder than spoken words!

Different cups, different colors and messages, more fun!


Uniforms remind Irish gangs from the early 1920’s. They have a long vest with chains on the buttons and pockets. The boys wear berets while the girls wear turbans. They also wear colorful pins/badges with catchy messages. Similar pins could be given as free giveaway to the customers.