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Murr Mar


Logo design and brand identity for a Luxury Yachting Experiences company. Murr-Mar is a tourism company dedicated to yachting vacations, providing high-end services to its clients.




Despina Aeraki (Designer)

“Murr-ma” in the aboriginal Australian language of Wagiman means “to walk along the water in search of something, using your feet”. Adding the suffix -r for Spanish mar, a reference to the beautiful sea was created!

This exact sense of walking among the shore and the sea while exploring, represents the endless experiences someone can enjoy either on board or at an idyllic destination.


For the creation of the logo we focused on combining the four elements of the brand: Yachting, Luxury, Land and Sea.

For Yachting we designed 2 sails that formed a big M, as a reference to the 2 Μs used in the name. At the same time, the big M reminds of two mountain tops, referring to the element of Land. A straight line under the mountains stands for the horizon seen from the yacht and, underneath, a small wave depicts the Sea (which also looks like a small m), whereas the golden color on the drawings refers to Luxury. Seeing it as a whole, a crown is being formed coronating the brand.


brand identity

For the design of the letterhead, envelope and business cards, a two-color combination was used, along with a gold hot foil stamping that completed the visual. ⁠⠀