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CREATIVE DIRECTION, LOGO, BRAND GUIDELINES, BRAND IDENTITY, PACKAGING, visual language, illustrations, clothing tag, fabric label

Sneakaces is a Greek lifestyle company that designs and produces high-quality streetwear and accessories for urban individuals who love the outdoors and excursions.

The Sneakaces brand is repositioning itself in the market with a new collection of Urban Outdoor Apparel, designed for those seeking an escape from everyday life. Our goal is to refresh the logo and enhance the overall look and feel of the brand.




Despina Aeraki (creative director/ designer)

Konstantina Benaki (designer)

Evi Simeonidou (copywriter)

Konstantinos Varotsos (models’ photographer)

Anthony Katrakazis (studio photographer)

Patrick Tomasso (nature photographer)

brand identity

Sneakaces clothing is worn in both natural and urban environments. The concept of the corporate identity revolves around the coexistence of nature and the city, with the logo occasionally reminiscent of mountain peaks and at other times of playing cards. To align with this concept, we designed clothing tags using craft paper, evoking soil and nature, and combined it with hot foil that functions as an iridescent mirror, reflecting the glass buildings of the city. The clothing tags are attached with fluorescent cords, resembling the ropes used by mountain climbers.

visual language

The Sneakaces visual language is developed through illustrations, solid colors and mottos, which are applied to clothing, bags and accessories. This visual language features illustrations, solid or negative corporate colors, the logo, tagline and motto, all of which invite us to savor the small luxuries of life and discover our balance in nature.

The main brand color is black, a neutral color which matches with all color combinations and fabrics. Furthermore, we created an earthy color palette – inspired by the nature and the fabrics used in the clothes – for the complete development of the brand.


The illustrations highlight the brand’s love for life in nature and the memories and experiences we gain from every excursion, whether big or small. To capture this essence, we incorporate illustrations of various leaves, flowers, and herbs—reminiscent of those we collected in our childhood and carefully preserved in a special herbarium notebook, allowing us to study them in greater detail.


For packaging, we opted for craft paper bags, reminiscent of traditional grocery bags.