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Undefine Arts

Exhibition catalogue, Invitation

Catalogue and invitation for the exhibition “Undefine Arts”.

On the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the “Vakalo Art & Design College”, we attended a creative workshop on art and design. The participants were graduates of both applied and fine arts, and, when completed, the workshop was transformed into a group exhibition.




Despina Aeraki (Designer)

Giota Kokkosi (Designer)


Design and design book of the year vol.7- Agence Marc Praquin, 2014

Design elements, typography fundamentals - Rockport Publishers, 2012


Having in mind that it is not the destination that matters but the journey, no final artwork was used for the exhibition catalogue. Instead, artists’ drafts were printed on semi-transparent paper, playing with light and texture. That compilation of the semi-transparent printings embodying the creative dialogue between the artist and their work, resulted in an entirely new work.