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About Us

Welcome to AERAKI.DESIGN®, the creative space where ideas are turned into concepts and artistry is bringing results.

For us design is like an “aeraki”*, a sweet breeze of air that creates emotional vibrations in a delicate and gentle way, making people resonate with each other and connect with brands.

We are AERAKI.DESIGN® a multidisciplinary award-winning creative team that loves branding, web and graphic design. We use visual communication to help brands tell their story in a distinctive way through art, reason and wit.

Since 2005 we meet clients’ needs, goals and dreams, by creating powerful designs that make brands stand out. Being always up to date with current trends in design, technology and visual communication we craft work that is fresh, bold and effective.

Our team specializes in visual communication, creative direction and graphic & web design, both for print and digital media. Many of our projects have been published in international graphic and web design editions, websites and catalogues.

Explore our work, learn more about AERAKI.DESIGN® and feel free to contact us!

*AERAKI in Greek means a sweet breeze of air